Behavior Consults


Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior ConsultingWe all have an idealized version of what our dogs should be, how they should behave and respond to certain situations. An expectation. But what happens when our dogs don’t meet these expectations?…

Our two hour comprehensive Behavior Consultation is designed not only address the root or cause of the problem, but to thoroughly empower you as the owner to understand your individual dog better and the needs that may need to be met in order for you to more successfully manage and resolve the situation or problem. Gain the knowledge & tools to help you and your dog achieve your goals!

Anxiety Issues, Fearfulness or Extreme Sensitivity

Aggression:Directed Toward People, Other Dogs or Pets Inside or Outside of the Home

Leash Reactivity: Lunging, Pulling, Uncontrollable Behavior While On Leash

Multi-Dog Household Compatibility Problems

Handling Problems or Sensitivities (Discomfort being touched or handled in certain areas, often experienced while at the Veterinarian or Groomer)

Extreme Phobias, Canine Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Complex or Unusual Disorders (note: Depending on severity, may refer out to Veterinarian Behaviorist)

Finding a Harmonious Balance with Dogs & Children

Overall Quality of Life Issues

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting

Better understand your dog as an individual but also as a species (“The Dog”) how your relationship & daily interaction with him may be effecting his behavior, as well as factors such as breed tendencies, environmental components, diet (yes diet can effect behavior!), your dogs ability to deal with stress & regulate his emotional response, plus other important factors that can be easily overlooked, yet play a vital role in the experience your dog may be having.
It is not uncommon for us to see a client & dog for a Behavior Consultation, and within the comprehensive two hour appointment, begin to find some resolution & management strategies to help reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of the problem. During these appointments we work to set the foundational groundwork towards building a solid plan to help resolve the problem at hand. We are fully present mentally as well as emotionally during these often emotionally straining situations and will provide support, honesty & a professional assessment & prognosis to each and every client we work with.

We are always willing to discuss details & answer questions before scheduling an appointment. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting