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Training & Behavior Advice
Articles by Pat Miller, training editor of “The Whole Dog Journal”
Articles, blogs, and videos, available for free, by Patricia McConnell, known worldwide for her books and seminars
Animal Behavior Resources Institute with articles and videos from a number of different trainers-Credit: Jean Donaldson
A great resource for new puppy owners, founded by dog training legend Ian Dunbar
A go-to for most any & every dog training/behavior book available
Step by step info & Instruction on curbing problem behaviors
How to help your fearful dog; order book on fearful dogs

Gain a better Understanding of Dog Behavior
Blogs, articles, and videos on various behavior issues
American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior position statements on socializing puppies, punishment, and dominance
Articles: Behavioror issues

Children & Dogs
Advice, articles, and great books for parents
Tons of great info & articles for expectant parents and parents of babies and toddlers