Manners and Problem Solving

Basic to Advanced Manners & Skills for Real Life Results
Common Problem Behavior Solutions for The EveryDay Dog

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting

Our Hands On training Sessions Incorporate These Fundamentals
  • Teaching your dog to make good choices & Creating Impulse Control
  • Communicating & Teaching in an effective, yet simple way
  • Learn to read & understand your dogs body language & natural communication attempts
  • Teach & Build the fundamental behaviors that are most beneficial for your lifestyle & activities you most enjoy with your dog
  • Find which force free training technique(s) works best for you and your dog
  • Teaching you, the owner how to use the skills your dog learns into real life situations, so that the training is useful for daily life

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting Our dogs are naturally impulsive, living fully in the present moment!….

“I see it, I want it, I get it!” Learn how to teach your dog to naturally make good choices whether he is at home or out & about!
Resolve Common Problems
  • Problems such as Jumping, Food Stealing, Door Dashing, Digging, Barking, Inappropriate Chewing, Housebreaking & Others
  • Learn to provide valuable feedback to you dog that actually has meaning
  • We Ultimately Control Our Dog Access to Any & All Valuable Resources & Activities….. Learn what it means to provide an effective consequence to help curb problem behaviors without the use of force or intimidation
  • Become more Relevant to Your Dog! We are often so irrelevant to our dogs, therefore making it difficult for us to teach our dogs the value in our interactions. Learn how to change this & use this valuable principle in daily life.
We focus on teaching behaviors & quickly incorporating these into daily life
Learn to teach using what is motivating to your dog! Understand what motivates your dog!

We, teach you the owners how to exploit environmental reinforcers as well as how and when to cut back or stop using treat or food rewards. Each and every dog & breed type has certain things, objects, activities, etc. that they may find to be more rewarding than others. Learn to identify these as well as how to practice giving your dog access to these resources, to maximize training! A unique and powerful approach!


Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting Clicker Training Available! Ever wondered about clicker training? How it works!? It can be an amazing tool for teaching new behaviors as well as helping to curb unwanted behaviors. Ask us for more info!


Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting


See why so many of our clients report that they had previously done some training with their dog, but never could quite get their dog to “listen” to them outside of the “classroom”… until learning from us!

Training That Works For The Every Day Dog & Every Day Person!

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting