Puppy Foundations


Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting

Socialization, Training & Problem Prevention
8-17 Weeks

Puppies are in their peak socialization period from approximately 3-17 weeks of age. This is a critical developmental period for our puppies, as they are learning, experiencing and processing the new world around them at a time when they are developing, forming habits & associations that may last a lifetime!

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior ConsultingSocialization
Other Dogs/Pets, Children, Objects, Places, Sights, Sounds, Etc… Anything the Puppy May Experience Later In Life, Importance of Exposure

We Emphasize!– Quality over Quantity… In Order for Socialization to Be Beneficial it Must Be A Good Experience For Your Puppy, Rather Than Simply Overwhelming

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior ConsultingFoundation Manners
Housebreaking, Crate Training, Impulse Control, Beginning Basic Manners, Clicker Training Available! Incorporate Training Into Play With Your Puppy!

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior ConsultingProblem Prevention
As our Puppies Develop & Age, It Is Not Uncommon To See New or Unwanted Habits Form, As This Is the Normal Developmental Process. Because We Have The Opportunity To Prevent The Likelihood Of Problem Behaviors developing during this period, Part Of Our Puppy Foundation Course Is Incorporating These Important Exercises

*Resource Guarding Prevention
*Handling Exercises & Frustration Tolerance
*Separation Anxiety Prevention- Explanation Of Normalizing…. Pup Being Alone/Confined Throughout Daily Life for Short to Extended Periods of Time on Daily Basis
*Bite Inhibition- Teaching Pup To Use Mouth Softly, Appropriate Play

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting

 *In Home Private Sessions & Small Group Depending on Availability *