Rescue/Shelter Dog Support


Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting

As anyone that has made the commitment knows, adopting a shelter dog is a fulfilling and life changing experience. Hopefully you & your new rescue dog are getting started off on a great journey  & may benefit from one of our Manners & Problem Solving sessions.

Although many rescue & shelter dogs adjust very well from shelter to home, it is not uncommon for some individuals to experience some initial transitional stress.

We are here to Help, Offer Support, Guidance & Direction to help you establish the relationship you wish to have with your new rescue dog from the beginning!

We offer customized sessions that are specifically designed to help reduce the onset of transitional stress & help you establish & set up your home for your new dog! Before bringing your dog home or the first few weeks.

Whether you are a first time dog owner or are experienced, our rescue & shelter dog support can be a life changing experience for not only your new dog, but the relationship you will be building with your new dog for years to come.


Initial Transitions- From Shelter to Home, The First Few Weeks….
Establishing Expectations- What to Expect, What is Normal
Housebreaking Challenges
Mild Separation Anxiety/Confinement Issues
Importance of Management, Consistency & Predictability during initial transition time, to help the dog feel safe & secure, as well as to prevent the on-set of any unwanted behavior patterns being formed.

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting

Mindful Mutz Training and Behavior Consulting